Magic of Vinegar

Hiee Friends, This blog will help you all to keep your house more clean and odor free:) Some cleaning problems we all face are stains, smell from the raw meat/fish in our kitchen, smelly drain pipes in the kitchen sink and the list goes on. To our surprise the cleaning hack sits right in our kitchen. The vinegar, preferably white vinegar is a god send for such cleaning issues. Here are some tips/tricks to keep your beautiful home even more pretty:)

  1.  For smelly drain pipes in kitchen sink, clean and empty the sink with normal dish soap and then pour 2 tsp white vinegar in the drain pipes. Do not add water or any liquid after that, so do this preferably at night when the kitchen use is over. In the morning pour warm water in the drain. The smell is all gone and any food particles in the drain would have been washed away.
  2. For cleaning stains from floor tiles, to your steam cleaner add 1 tsp white vinegar and clean as usual. The tiles will be stain free, germ free. Vinegar has a strong odor, so you can use two drops of any scented cleaning liquid or best you can add some drop of lemon juice. If you do not have steam cleaner, just add 1 tsp vinegar with 1 tsp lemon juice to warm water and clean the tiles with cleaning cloth.
  3. White vinegar is also effective in removing stains from water taps and shower caps. Happy cleaning !!

Thanks for reading , stay positive and keep smiling.


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