Any one can draw !!

Hiee Friends, I am sharing with you another one of my hobby- pencil drawing and sketching. When i was a child, i never took part in arts classes or art competitions at school. This was not something i thought i could do. My cousin was a biology student and one day she asked me to draw her biology lab figures. Figures were of sea animals, reptiles etc. I agreed, and to my surprise i actually liked it. And thereafter, i used to ask if she had more of the drawing for me to do 🙂

Friends, to be good at something, we need to at least try it first. We should not underestimate our skills, if we can write so we can draw too. If you still have doubts in your ability , try looking for Graham Shaw’s TEDx demonstration on Why people believe they can’t draw – and how to prove they can!!

Here i am sharing with you a pencil sketch from my old archives. I was unaware of the art of shading that time, but i am improving and working on it now a days 🙂

Thanks for reading, stay positive and keep smiling.


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