Birdie House

Hiee Friends, In this blog i share with you the crafting hobby which i pursue from time to time. I believe in using most of the scrap materials to create a craft. Started my crafting when i was in middle school. We had at least 5-6 wedding invitation cards every three months at home and watching them go into trash was not something i liked. I started collecting them and when i had enough, i cut and glued them to create small doll houses. Back at that time i didn’t have any colors so i just left them as it is and believe me, they looked pretty good with all the glitter and color of their own!! While the kids of my age were going gaga over train sets or barbie, i was having fun in crafting on my own 🙂

Here i am sharing with you the birdie house i made using cardboard box which came along with my online purchases. Used q-tip plastic part as a bird branch. Colored with blue and lemon green along with tiny red-yellow flowers cut out from same cardboard box. For the roof i pulled apart the cardboard to show its corrugated side. Try it , i hope you will love doing the crafting for yourself or your kids. And don’t worry about the outcome, we are just using scraps. I came across this quote “In crafting there are no mistakes , just unique creations.” So, Happy Crafting !!

Thanks for reading, stay positive and keep smiling.


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