Hiee Friends, I am Punnu from the land of diversities India. For those who are unaware of the term “Nari” implies woman in my native language.  I am new at the blogging, so feel free to help me out with suggestions and advice 🙂

Few fun facts about me: I am a “HappeWife”. Loves to cook, sketch, paint , crafting and sitting idle with a cup of coffee with Netflix (Friends being my all time favorite!!). This blog will revolve around the things that keep me busy on daily basis. I was a successful engineer back at home and now after quitting my job to focus on my family, these hobbies have become an integral part of my life.

Purpose of this blog is to share my happiness with all you wonderful people. This can be my way of connecting with the happeWives out there. Ending this introduction with the famous quote from “Fransesca Lia Block” — “Just like any woman..we weave our stories out of our bodies, some of through our children, or our art, some do it just by living. Its all the same. ”

Thanks for reading , stay positive and keep smiling.



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