My First Painting

Hiee Friends, in this post we are starting of with the passion of my life since childhood. “Painting is just another way of keeping a diary.” – Pablo Picasso.

I am a self taught artist. Ever since the childhood i had an inclination towards pencil sketching but never tried the colors. Tried my first color painting on a fabric to paint Bob Marley portrait for my hubby. Even though it was not perfect, i simply loved it. Felt a sense of calm and relaxation in using colors to create something. Thereafter, i started practicing on paper with water colors, acrylic colors. Gradually started painting on canvas and i am actually getting good at it 🙂  Here i am sharing my first painting with you all. In this painting i have used cadmium red and lamp black acrylic colors mixed with textile medium on a white fabric.

If you guys have similar passion, please free to share your art work and experiences. Any suggestions and tips for a better application of colors on fabric are most welcome. Tell me, what are your hobbies that you are pursuing or wish to pursue. There is always a first step, just as i took it, you can as well !!

Thanks for reading, stay positive and keep smiling.


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